A project of a researcher of the Mathematical center in Akademgorodok won the contest of Russian-German scientific and educational partnerships

On September 15, at the closing ceremony of the Russian-German Year of Scientific and Educational Partnerships 2018–2020 in Moscow and Berlin the results of the competition "Russia and Germany: scientific and educational bridges" ("Deutsch-Russischen Themenjahres der Hochschulkooperation und Wissenschaft") were summed up. Among the winners was the project "Globalization of the Summer School in Informatics and Artificial Intelligence", implemented by the senior researcher of the Center Denis Ponomaryov, together with colleagues from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin). 

The winners of the competition were 25 projects in such spheres as biomedicine, agrotechnology, education, economics, etc., implemented by Russian specialists together with colleagues from Germany. The project "Globalization of the Summer School in Informatics and Artificial Intelligence" was selected from 124 applications submitted for the competition. The school itself was held within the framework of Computer Science Summer in Russia.