The first module of the First workshop of Mathematical center in Akademgorodok has finished

During the first week the project teams, which consist of students from all over Russia and neighboring countries, intensively worked on solving various open mathematical problems, some of which are interdisciplinary. On the first day a pitch-session was held, during which the leaders of research projects in two minutes told all the participants about their projects in a mathematical but lucid manner. You can learn more about the projects on the designated page or watch the session recording

The students noted the high level of competence of the projects' leaders, mentors and lectors

The format of communication with the mentors was rather surprising — I had been used to formal dialogue with university teachers, however, here the boundaries are blurred and communication between people of different ranks (from a student to PhD) is on the same level.

According to the participants, the workshop enabled theoretical knowlegde to be applied on real-world tasks and it also motovated the students to deeper learn fundamental subjects when they are back to studying at their universities. The main difficulties which some of the students ran into are: high intensity, time zone differences and online format, even though the latter did not alter any of the projects' initial plans.

The leaders and mentors of workshop projects noted the high level of participants' exprertise:

The main benefit of working with students is their feedback. Their questions were often very deep and made you think on tings that had seemed obvious before. It emphasizes their high expertise

I am impressed with students' will to study in summer. And I am also impressed by their readiness to work with strangers (out team consisted of 7 students from 6 different universities). As I expected, some students quickly dropped out, but a sloid half of them worked hard from the beginning till the end. And what is even more outstanding, is that they are ready to continue working on our project. I was concerned that the percentage of dropouts would be much higher 

The head of "Study of systems of differential equations modeling the dynamics of biological processes" Vladimir Golubyatnikov said:

Lilia Minushkina (getting a major degree on Mathematics and mechanics department) and I finished another version of an article on mathematical biology before the lauch of the workshop. After the first week we got a clear view on the next steps of improving our article. We are working on it right now. I am going to  thank the participants and note my RFFR grant at the end of the paper отмечает лидер группы «Исследование систем дифференциальных уравнений, моделирующих динамику биологических процессов» Владимир Петрович Голубятников. 

The MCA head Evgeny Vdovin noted:

I would really like our motivation and ideas to reach all the participants and light their fire! A simple number of 216 participants of the final meeting inevitably claims that there are lots of talented and enthusiastic around us!