Students of the SESC NSU authored mathematical papers in scientific journals

Ravil Bildanov (class 11-3) and Sergey Presnyakov (class 11-5), students of the SESC NSU, together with their supervisors and their colleagues published three papers in the scientific journals Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports and Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics.

Full article titles:
  • R.R. Bildanov, V.A. Goryachenko, A.V. Vasil’ev, Factoring nonabelian finite groups into two subsets, Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports, 17 (2020), 683–689.
  • A. A. Buturlakin, S. S. Presnyakov, D. O. Revin, S. A. Savin, Area of a triangle and angle bisectors, Siberian Electronic Mathematical Reports, 17 (2020), 732–737.
  • Yu.O. Kuyanova, S.S. Presnyakov, A.V. Dubovoi, A.P. Chupakhin, D.V. Parshin, Numerical study of the hydrodynamics of a tee in a model problem on optimizing the installation angle of a low-flow vascular anastomosis, Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics, 6 (2019), 72–80.
Note that in the second article, a classical easily understandable geometry problem is solved. It has been established that in the general case, using a compass and a ruler, it is impossible to construct a square with an area equal to that of a given triangle with known lengths of bisectors. Moreover, it was proved that the area of a triangle cannot be written as a radical expression in terms of its bisectors, i.e., using four arithmetic operations alongside calculating roots of arbitrary natural degrees.

Our congratulations to Ravil Bildanov, Sergey Presnyakov and their supervisors: doctors of Science professors A.V. Vasiliev and D.O. Revin and D.V. Parshin, PhD, for their outstanding achievements!