10 students of SESC NSU received cash prizes "For early entry into science career"

The SESC NSU announced the winners of the annual competition of research projects “For early entry into science career”. The competition was supported by the Educational Initiative Charitable Foundation (A. A. Lyapunov prize) and the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok.

According to the decision of the selection committee, the Lyapunov prize of 60 thousand rubles “For early entry into science career” was awarded for the following works: 
  • On the existence of tiling in finite groups, Ravil Bildanov (class 11-3), Vadim Goryachenko (Physics Department of NSU).
  • On the roots of a polynomial of degree two, whose coefficients depend on the complex parameter, Egor Yeremeyev (class 11-4).
  • On a class of commuting differential operators of rank 2, Matvey Ivlev (class 11-11).
  • The problem of squaring a triangle with given bisectors, Sergey Presnyakov (class 11-5), Semyon Savin.

The Prize of the Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok was awarded for the following works:
  • The equation describing the surface of the sea shell, Aurora Boronin (class 10-1).
  • Ray tracing for seismic data processing tasks, Kirill Butskovsky (class 10-1).
  • The problem of finding the minimum RWA, Jacob Chiffon, Olga Kadyrova, Nikita Usachev, Ivan Skryabin (all from class 10-1).

In total, 10 students of the SESC of NSU received prizes.

A scholarship named after Lyapunov was established by the Educational Initiative Charity Foundation (chairman Gennady Fridman, a 1964 graduate of SESC) in honor of an outstanding scientist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, mathematician, founder of the national school of cybernetics and programming, first chairman of the Academic Council of the School of Physics and Mathematics Aleksey Andreevich Lyapunov to encourage the research activity of students of the SESC of NSU (and their early entry into science career) mainly in those areas in which A.A. Lyapunov made fundamental contributions.