NSU Department of Economics Freshman Won in Thai Boxing World Championship

May 5 to May 12, Bangkok Thailand hosted the 2023 Thai Boxing World Championship with 564 athletes from 102 countries competing. NSU Department of Economics Freshman Alexander Ulyanitsky took part in the championship as a member of the Russian delegation. A promising athlete, on May 5 he had a series of victories leading to the defeat of a serious opponent from the United Arab Emirates on May 8.

Ulyanitsky has been training in Thai boxing for 6 years. He has won numerous all-Russian youth competitions and the district championship; he was the silver medalist at the Russian Championship and the world youth champion.

Ulyanitsky gave his impression of the event,

The Thai Boxing World Championship in Bangkok was a bright, colorful, grand event.  On the first day of the competition there was a lot of confusion so I had a hard time getting oriented. I did not know how long I had to wait before entering the ring, what form I should be in at one stage or another of the competition, and many other organizational issues were unclear. At the Russian Championship, everything was scheduled to the minute and well organized. 

Ulyanitsky wants to become a professional so it was important to make a spectacular debut in this arena. He plans to win the Russian Championship and the World Championship elite classes and is doing what is necessary to achieve that goal. 

The athlete added,

It is very difficult to combine university studies and sports. Sometimes I have to skip classes and then I have to work hard and absorb a huge amount of information to catch up. When I go to competitions, my classmates move ahead and sometimes it is very difficult to catch up to them. I am very grateful to everyone who is sympathetic to my situation including the Rector, the Dean of the Economics Department, his deputies and the teachers who give me the opportunity to do what I love and compensate for gaps in my educational process. It’s impossible to take a break from my studies so I try to prepare for tests and exams on time but there still are often delays because of my sport. I appreciate that the University meets me halfway; this inspires me to further victories.