NSU Launches Summer Engineering School for InteRussia Foreign Engineering Specialists Internship Program

From May 27 to June 17, NSU is hosting the Interussia Summer Engineering School for young foreign specialists in digital technologies and artificial intelligence. The event was organized with the support of the Gorchakov Foundation, SB RAS, and NSU. 16 students from Nigeria, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, India, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, UAE, and Tanzania are participating.

The opening ceremony was attended by Evgeniy Sagaidak, Head of the NSU Education Export Department, Igor Marchuk, Dean of the NSU Mechanics and Mathematics Department, as well as the summer school experts Alexander Savostyanov, Professor at the General Computer Science Section at the Information Technologies Department, Alexey Redyuk, Head of the Laboratory of Photonics and Machine Learning Technologies for Sensor Systems at the NSU Physics Department, and Alexander Lyulko, Acting Director at the NSU AI Research Center.

Sagaidak noted,

For students, participation in the summer engineering school is an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge at one of the best Russian universities, participate in courses with leading experts, take part in innovative professional master classes, and exchange experiences with colleagues from different countries.

Lyulko provided some background,

The “smart city” topic is promising and in demand. NSU has broad research and educational experience in this area. This year, NSU created an AI Research Center and became one of six universities, the only one beyond the Urals, to receive support from the Russian Government national program “Russian Federation Digital Economy”. The Center is engaged in the creation and implementation of smart city technologies and training personnel to work with them. It is important to share our knowledge with colleagues from other universities and countries, so we are glad to take part in the summer school as experts and teachers.

The participants were also greeted by Lyana Dymova, the coordinator for scientific programs at the A.M.Gorchakova Public Diplomacy Support Fund. She thanked the partners for their cooperation and spoke about the Goundation’s activities and the internship program for foreign specialists at InteRussia.

Dymova explained,

The internship program for foreign specialists in the field of international relations was first launched in 2021 by the Foundation together with MGIMO and Rossotrudnichestvo. It was a great success and continues to grow and develop so the range of areas and specialties is expanding every year. In 2024, the program is implementing programs for journalists, Russian specialists, engineers, doctors, energy specialists, and young actors and directors.

We cannot deny the growing role of technology, including artificial intelligence, in all areas of life, so this internship is more relevant than ever. Russia has enormous potential in the development of AI so we are happy to share our achievements with colleagues from other countries and to hear about their research. I am sure that this exchange of experience will be useful for both sides. Our objective is to create a community of young professionals who will continue to interact in the future, exchange ideas and, possibly, implement joint projects.

School participants work in one of three groups. The outcome of the event will be the preparation and presentation of scientific projects.