NSU Retains Position in 2024 National Aggregate Rating

The independent higher education assessment portal, best-edu.ru, has published their 2024 National Aggregate Rating (NAR). For the sixth year, the ranking combines the independent assessments of universities in Russia providing a single scale for assessing the institutions. According to experts, the NAR allows universities to compare their results, stimulates competition between universities, and encourages them to strive to improve their educational and scientific offerings.

The ranking organizers noted that only 19 universities have maintained the highest level for 6 years, and these are mostly universities included in the Priority 2030 program. Among them is Novosibirsk National Research State University (NSU).

Mikhail Fedoruk, NSU Rector and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, commented on the NAR results, “Of course, ratings are not an end in themselves for a university. However, they are important to performing well in the Russian and global markets for educational and scientific services. Therefore, NSU pays special attention to ratings and consistently ranks high”.

Fedoruk also noted that the positions in the rankings are a reflection of the University’s dynamic development, its educational and research infrastructure (including the world-class campus currently being built as part of the national project “Science and Universities”), the introduction of new educational programs, and the close connection between the University and leading scientific institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and with leading high-tech companies. The Rector summarized, “As a result, we train not just specialists, but people with deep fundamental knowledge and experience in conducting project activities, which allows them to take on even the most complex tasks”.