Seminar on geometric analysis will take place on April 7 in a mixed format

The seminar will be held at 4:20 pm (UTC+7) in a mixed format: meetings are held in person in the foyer of the conference hall of the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS and are broadcast on Google Meet platform via the link

Alexandr V. Greshnov (Doctor of sciences, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS, NSU) will give a talk "On Connectivity of points in Carnot groups with horizontal polygonal chain".

A horizontal k-polygonal chain on a Carnot group is the union of a finite number k of segments Ii, i = 1, ..., k, of integral lines of horizontal vector fields that are linear combinations of basic left-invariant horizontal vector fields of the Carnot group under consideration (links of a horizontal polygonal chain). In this case, the end of the link Ii is the beginning of the link Ii + 1 for i = 1, ..., k-1. It is known that for every Carnot group G there is a number KG such that any two points of G can be connected by a horizontal k-polygonal chain, where k ≤ KG. Our talk is devoted to finding the minimum number KG or estimate it on specific 2- and 3-step Carnot groups.

Please pay attention to the following rules of attending the online seminar:
  • As a security measure, it is highly advisable to connect using your real name. 
  • You are free to join the discussion after the end of the report. However, during the report please keep your microphone turned off. 
  • For the convenience of the speaker, we recommend writing your questions in the chat in advance.