Omsk Group Seminar #211 will be held on December 17

The Omsk Group Seminar meeting #211 will take place on December 17 at 18:00 (Omsk time), 19:00 (Novosibirsk time), 07:00 (New York time), 15:00 (Moscow time).

Alexander Treyer (Mathematical center in Akademgorodok) will present his talk "Equationally noetherian graphs and hypergraphs".

A simple graph is called equationally noetherian if any system of equations is equivalent to its finite subsystem. It isn't hard to notice that a simple graph is equationally noetherian if and only if it is equationally noetherian in one variable equations. Based on this property we described all equationally noetherian graphs with help of forbidden subgraphs (joint with Ivan Buchinsky). Also several examples of hypergraphs will be presented that are not equationally noetherian but equationally noetherian in one variable equations.

You can connect to the Zoom conference via this link: or manually in the Zoom app using the conference ID 812 2079 3393.

Please pay attention to the following rules for conducting an Internet seminar:
  • Please, use your real first and last name
  • Keep your microphone off during the talk
  • Should you have any questions, ask them in the chat