Seminar "Geometry, topology and their applications" resumes its work

The Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok and the Chair of Geometry and Topology invite you to participate in an online seminar "Geometry, topology and their applications". Head of the seminar — I. A. Taimanov.
The seminar will take place on November 16 at 2pm (UTC+7). S. O. Ivanov (Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg) will present his talk "Localization and completion of groups and spaces".

The talk will present the theory of localization and completion of spaces, developed by Bousfield, Kan and others, as well as the theory of R-good spaces. It will be shown how this theory is related to a similar theory for groups and presented the results of the speaker in this area, obtained jointly with R. Mikhailov. In particular, we show that the wedge of two circles is a ℚ-bad space, which is the first example of a ℚ-bad finite CW-complex.

In order to participate, you should connect to the Zoom conference a few minutes prior to the start of the seminar via the following link: or manually in the Zoom app using the conference ID 950 7249 4559 and the password 890845.

Please pay attention to the following rules for conducting an Internet seminar:
  • Please, use your real first and last name
  • Keep your microphone off during the talk
  • Should you have any questions, ask them in the chat