Internet seminar "Beijing-Novosibirsk seminar on geometry and mathematical physics" continues its work

Mathematical center in Akademgorodok invites you to take part in the seminar on October 15 at 4 pm Novosibirsk time (UTC+7). 
The seminar's heads: A. E. Mironov, I. A. Taimanov, Huijun Fan, Eugene Zhang.

During the seminar Bai Chengming (Nankai University, Tianjin) will present his talk "Transposed Poisson algebras".

We introduce a notion of transposed Poisson algebra which is a dual notion of the Poisson algebra by exchanging the roles of the two binary operations in the Leibniz rule defining the Poisson algebra. We interpret the close relationships between it and some structures such as Novikov-Poisson and pre-Lie Poisson algebras including the example given by a commutative associative algebra with a derivation, and 3-Lie algebras.

To take part, please, on October 15 after 3:45 pm Novosibirsk time (UTC+7) connect to the Zoom conference via this link:
You can also connect manually in the Zoom app using the Conference ID:  671 4419 2838 (password: 811469).

Please pay attention to the following rules of attending the online seminar:
  • As a security measure, it is highly advisable to connect using your real name. 
  • You are free to join the discussion after the end of the report. However, during the report please keep you microphone turned off. 
  • For the convenience of the speaker, we recommend writing your questions in the chat in advance.