Albert Garreta will give a talk "Word equations with Monte Carlo Tree Search and black-box string solvers"

The Omsk Group Seminar session will be held on July 9 at 7 pm Novosibirsk time (6 pm Omsk time, 12 noon UTC).

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Albert Garreta (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao) will present his talk "Word equations with Monte Carlo Tree Search and black-box string solvers".

Word equations have long been a relevant problem both from a theoretical and an applied perspective. Concerning the latter, an increased effort has been made over the years in order to develop practical algorithms for (partially) solving them, since word equations arise in many applications such as software analysis, cybersecurity, or even bioinformatics. In this talk we propose new solvers which leverage recent successful general techniques from the field of artificial intelligence and, possibly, already existing heuristic-based word-equation solvers. We propose and test two algorithms: one which uses any solver as a black-box and attempts to improve its performance, and another which tackles word equations with essentially no domain-specific heuristic.

To take part, please, on July 9 after 6:45 pm Novosibirsk time (5:45 pm Omsk time, 11:45 UTC) connect to the Zoom conference via this link:
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