RAS corresponding member Yuri Vassilevski will present his talk during the "Actual problems of applied mathematics" seminar

The internet seminar session will be held on June 26 at 6 pm Novosibirsk time (UTC+7).
The seminar’s heads – I. A. Taimanov, S. I. Kabanikhin, A. E. Mironov, M. A. Shishlenin.
The secretary – N. M. Prokhoshin (n.prokhoshin@g.nsu.ru).

RAS corresponding member Yuri Vassilevski (Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University) will present his talk "Mathematical models in spheres close to real anatomy".

Mathematical modeling of physiological processes in spheres close to real anatomy is still a challenging task. Realistic calculated geometries of anatomic structure are vital for patient-oriented models as well as for phantom models. A lot of biomedical applications are based on personalized 3D reconstruction of parts of body or even the whole human. These reconstructions are often presented as medical images. For such applications we need both model equations with methods of their approximate solving and calculated nets and areas.

The talk will cover the methodology of building personalized mathematical models for a couple of medical applications:
  • modeling of electrical impedance diagnostics
  • modeling of ultrasound diagnostics
  • estimation of hemodynamical value of coronary artery stenosis          
  • modeling of the blood flow in the left ventricle of the human heart
  • modeling of the closure of the reconstructed aortic valve

The talk will also demonstrate the results achieved by a group of researchers from Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS and Sechenov University.

To take part, please, on June 26 after 5:45 pm Novosibirsk time (UTC+7) connect to the Zoom conference via this link: https://zoom.us/j/93473879731.
You can also connect manually in the Zoom app using the Conference ID: 934 7387 9731. 

Please pay attention to the following rules of attending the online seminar:
  • As a security measure, it is highly advisable to connect using your real name. 
  • You are free to join the discussion after the end of the report. However, during the report please keep you microphone turned off. 
  • For the convenience of the speaker, we recommend writing your questions in the chat in advance.