InterGames-2018 United 2500 participants from 35 Countries

This year InterGames became a part of the NSU Interweek youth festival. More than 2500 students fr om NSU and other universities attended the large-scale sporting event. Participants competed in internationally popular sports as well as national sports that some of the competitors had never heard of.

InterGames competitions were divided into two categories: for university teams, including a mixed team from NSU, Higher College of Informatics and Specialized Educational Scientific Center, and for individuals wh ere anyone attending the event could compete. The team sports included summer biathlon, lapta (a Russian bat and ball game), horseback hockey, tug-of-war, crossfit and others. Individual competitions included streetball, arm-wrestling, baseball, weight lifting, and table tennis. 


In addition to the popular sports, InterGames participants competed in little-known, but no less exciting sports such as the “alchis” dice game from the Russian Kalmykian Region. Athletes competed in new sports such as “flatball”. This soccer game was invented in 2010, and the first all-Russian student flatball tournament was held in 2017.



Ivan Gryaznov, one of the InterGames-2018 organizers and chairman of the NSU student sports club "ENOT" described the event,

InterGames is a sporting event aimed, first of all, at uniting all students since a large number of foreign students are studying at NSU. Through sports we wanted to learn more about the cultures in different countries. We are very pleased with the results. There was an amazing atmosphere at the competitions with happy faces and joyous victories that were shared by everyone. 

Winners and placers in individual competitions were awarded medals and diplomas. Winners in team sports received cups.

Интер медали.jpg

 InterGames participant Baktybek Kerimov expressed his feelings,

I want to thank the NSU organizers of the NSU for the warm atmosphere. The organization of the competitions adhered to the highest standards. Also, thanks for the invitation to be a part of a very cool event with a lot of positive emotions, and the chance to meet wonderful people.

InterGames organizers announced that the event will become a regular part of Interweek and that next year it will attract even more participants.