Scientists From NSU and Laser Physics Institute SB RAS Set New Laser World Record

NSU scientists Sergey Kobtsev, Boris Nyushkov, Dmitry Kolker, together with their colleagues Victor Pivtsov and Alexander Antropov, from the Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS, published an article, “Femtosecond 78-nm tunable Er: Fiber Laser Based Drop-shaped Resonator Topology”, in the “Journal of Light Wave Technology”. This is one of the leading journals in the field of laser technology.

The article presents the results of the development and research of a new generation of compact fiber laser with smooth tuning of the emission spectrum of ultrashort pulses in the ultra-wide range from 1524 to 1602 nm.

Sergey Kobtsev explained,

Active tuning of the radiation wavelength of femtosecond pulses is, as a rule, a nontrivial process because ultrashort pulses are generated in the synchronization mode of radiation modes. The stability is determined by a thin combination of nonlinear, dispersive, polarization, and other characteristics of the laser resonator. Generally, in the process of tuning the radiation wavelength, the combination of these characteristics changes, and conditions arise for the breakdown of the radiation modes synchronization mode. In this regard, many femtosecond lasers require adjusting the resonator parameters during the reorganization of the emission spectrum. The femtosecond laser we developed can be smoothly tuned in a wide spectral region without any adjustments.

Physicists at NSU and the Institute of Laser Physics SB RAS have found an original solution for a fiber laser resonator. This achieves record parameters with a minimum number of elements, while retaining almost all the advantages of a fiber laser: relatively small size and weight, “implementation” of almost all elements in the optical fiber, high quality output radiation.

Boris Nyushkov described their work,

The solution also allows changing the repetition rate of femtosecond pulses. This is important for metrological applications of this type of lasers. The results of this work were presented at the prestigious photonics world conference, Photonics West, in the USA. There, it was highly appreciated by specialists. Promising solutions in this field of laser physics and technology are of great interest.


Fig. 1. The emission spectra of the fiber laser during restructuring

Thanks to regular publications in leading international journals and the presentation of research and development results at the world's largest scientific conferences, the high professional level of scientists at the NSU Laser Physics and Innovative Technologies Section is well known to experts in the field of photonics. Dr. Kobtsev, Section Head, has been invited to be a guest editor of a specialized edition of “Photonics” journal on Tunable lasers.