NSU signed an agreement for a double diploma program with the prestigious French university École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique (EP) is a leading French university that combines the highest level of research, education and innovation in the field of science and technology. It has several educational programs and the admissions process is extremely rigorous.

Varvara Arsenyeva, Administrator at the French Center at the Novosibirsk State University Humanities Institute, provided some background about the partnership,
 NSU and École Polytechnique have been partners since 2003. Fr om 2005-2013 there was a joint educational program that awarded two diplomas with an engineering diploma from EP and a second diploma from NSU. In 2013, a framework agreement was signed that did not include the double diploma program. We have now signed a new agreement that includes a double degree program so, to some extent, this is a resumption of an already existing program but on new terms.

The double diploma program will be part of the EP engineering education cycle, their most elite program. The structure agreed on invites students at the NSU Department of Mechanics and Mathematics who have excellent academic records and who have completed at least six semesters of the undergraduate curriculum, to apply for admission to the EP engineering cycle at the beginning of their fourth year. The EP application procedure will be the same as that for all foreign students and consists of two stages. The first stage involves submitting a packet of documents that includes grades, a motivational letter and letters of recommendation. In the second stage of the selection process, the student will have to pass an entrance exam that includes written and oral tests in various disciplines. Once a student is selected, they will be enrolled in the "DD Program" starting at the beginning of the next academic year. After they have received their Bachelor's degree, students enter the Novosibirsk State University Master’s Program. At this time, the three year double degree education program begins. The first semester of the first year is held at NSU in their Master’s Program. The second semester of the first year, the second year and the first semester of the third year take place at EP as part of their engineering cycle. The second semester of the third year takes place at NSU wh ere the students prepare and defend their Master’s thesis. This corresponds to the scientific internship provided for in the EP engineering cycle. Students who complete the curriculum requirements for both NSU and EP, will receive a Master's degree from NSU and an engineering diploma from EP.

Michele Debrenne, Director of the French Center, added,
École Polytechnique holds leading positions in international ratings. For example, in 2018 the University took 27, 29 and 31 places in the QS subject ratings in the fields of Natural Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Mathematics respectively. They placed 115th place in the Times Higher Education World Rankings. Among French universities, EP is ranked #1.

For the 2018 academic year, documents for admission to EP can be submitted on the site until September 17. Students from EP who want to enter an additional fourth year for their engineering cycle at NSU, can apply for a Master's program in Russian or English. They will be considered for these programs on the same basis as other foreign students.

École Polytechnique has been a partner of NSU since 2003. During the NSU/EP partnership phase from 2005-2013, 46 students from Novosibirsk State University studied in the EP engineering program. 36 of these students were from the Mechanics and Mathematics Department and 27 of them received double diplomas. Three EP students received NSU diplomas and 10 had scientific internships under the guidance of NSU professors. NSU is the third Russian university that has an agreement for a joint education program with one of the best engineering schools in Europe. In addition to the rankings mentioned above, EP is ranked 65th in the QS overall university ratings. École Polytechnique’s main principle is "learning through science", that echoes NSU’s motto.