NSU Psychologist Participated in International Psychological Congress in Buenos Aires

Vladimir Ivanov, a specialist at the NSU Department of Psychological Support was a participant in the International Congress for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from August 28 to September 2.

Ivanov talked about the trip,

For me, as a psychologist working at the University, it is important to develop professionally. I don’t think that in the work of a psychologist one can ever stop and say, “Now I know and understand everything.” So, the significance of my participation for the University is that I will improve my skills and gain new knowledge in order to apply them in my work with students. This will be of use to society. Also, I will provide information about reports, speeches, and various ideas from the Congress to my colleagues at the Siberian Group for the Development of Analytical Psychology.  

The trip to the Congress is part of Ivanov’s IAAP training that will certify him as a Jungian analyst in six to eight years. Although participation in the Congress is not a requirement like undergoing personal psychotherapy or participating in group supervisions, the specialist sees this as an opportunity to exchange experience with foreign colleagues and establish working contacts. Training will also make it possible for the psychologist to become a Jungian analyst with international recognition. 

The psychologist explained, 

Participation in the international Congress is a great opportunity to meet personally the leading Jungian analysts from all over the world. Many of them are the authors of popular books on analytical psychology. For example, Murray Stein and his book "Map of the Soul" was the basis for the world-famous k-pop group BTS album "Map of the Soul". I hope that in three years, when the next Congress takes place, I will no longer be registered as a participant, but as a speaker. 

Ivanov will provide commentary on the most interesting and important reports and meetings on his Telegram channel. Upon returning from the Congress in the fall, the psychologist will give a course on working with dreams.

Ivanov added,

I want to express my gratitude to the head of the DPS Roman Anisimov for his professionalism and participation in arranging for my business trip and helping prepare the necessary documents. The University is almost completely covering my Congress participation costs of $350. I am also grateful to all the NSU Departments that were involved in my business trip. I don’t know these people personally, but I appreciate their contribution to the trip because without their contributions, the trip would not have been possible.