NSU Programmers Win Moscow Hackathon

This forum for developers of rapid Blockchain services prototyping and applications on the Hyperledger Composer platform was held in Moscow. The Hackathon consisted of two stages - the “ideathon” and the finals.

During the “ideathon” phase, teams were established and participants had to choose a project fr om a menu of categories including financial transactions, e-commerce, social, and education. Participants registered in the IBM Academic Initiative Program and were able to access the necessary cloud resources and information to work on their projects.

The Hackathon finals took place at the IBM Client Center and led by a team of mentors. The event included a seminar, and consultations, in addition to the presentations and defense of team projects. 

The NSU Decentury team won the finals and an invitation to make a presentation at the Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises conference "Teaching IT in the Russian Federation" on May 15 at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Dmitri Kondyrev, first year NSU IT Department Master’s program student described the competition,

The Hackathon was interesting with a full two day program wh ere we were completely immersed in work on our project. The Hackathon required participating teams to develop and present an application based on the Hyperledger Composer. We worked on developing a system to optimize a production and sales strategy based on a distributed ledger. We did not have experience with the Hyperledger before this event. We created all of our previous projects on other platforms, so it was interesting to learn a new tool. Hyperledger is a promising and rapidly developing platform, so I think the ability to work with it is an important skill.

Participants said the Hackathon allowed them to broaden their horizons and structure information about block chain technology. In addition, they were able to communicate with experts in the field of block chain development and to learn about current experience implementing systems based on a distributed ledger.

Polina Sazonova, a 2nd year PhD student at the NSU IT Department, talked about the NSU team,

Even though our team was the smallest (only three people), we managed to create a quality product in a short period of time thanks to the team’s well-coordinated work, the good basic training received at the NSU IT Department, and, perhaps, our sense of humor. All of these things established a pleasant team atmosphere and confidence in our abilities.