"NSU Map": Updated University Campus Mobile Navigation App

A new version of the "NSU Map" was created for the start of the admissions season to facilitate the campus navigation process for applicants. Novosibirsk State University applicants will no longer have to wander through the corridors of the University in search of a selection committee, a dean's office or a library. You can find your location by pointing your smartphone camera at the QR-tags located in the university building, and the navigator will show your exact location, and the best route to your desired location.

Among other new features, the “NSU Map” can adapt to the needs of applicants with physical challenges. If necessary, the app will provide a route without stairs using an elevator. In response to requests, the updated version of the app also provides navigation information for the old NSU building.

Project Manager Dmitry Khodorkin talked about the app,

Throughout the year, the same auditorium can be used for different things: during the academic year for classes, and in summer, for the admissions committee. For this update, we especially created an online tool that will quickly add additional names for the auditoriums. This will help users easily locate an auditorium with alternative purposes reflected in the additional names.

The Novosibirsk IT company “Technology” that developed the “NSU Map”, has provided software development services in Russia, the United States, and Europe since 2003. The original app was released last fall. The updated version is already available for download on Android-devices.