Novosibirsk State University Students Awarded 16 Diplomas at International Mathematical Olympiad

Novosibirsk State University students successfully took part in the International Mathematics Contest "Mirror of the Lowell Putnam International Olympiad". NSU won 5 second degree diplomas (second prizes) and 11 third degree diplomas (third Prizes). Dmitry Morozov, a fourth-year student in the Physics Department, produced the best result for NSU.

The Putnam Olympiad is conducted by the Mathematical Association of America. University students from the USA and Canada participate. Since the Olympiad is very popular and the mathematical challenges are interesting, an official “Mirror” of the competition has been held for students in Eastern Europe, the CIS countries and Russia for many years.  Most participants are from Russia, Poland, and Bulgaria.

Morozov talked about the event, I have participated in this Olympiad since my freshman year so this is already my fourth time. This year, I made an annoying mistake so I did not take "gold" (a first degree diploma) but, perhaps, it will turn out better next year. Maybe it is because of my experience but this year the problems seemed easier. Still, I always enjoy this Olympiad.


Dmitry Morozov, a fourth-year student in the Physics Department

This year more than 190 students participated in the "Mirror Putnam Olympiad”. A fifth year student from the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan won the Gran Prix.  In the overall results, NSU’s Dmitriy Morozov took 21st place and received a second degree diploma. In total, Novosibirsk State University students received 5 second degree diplomas, 11 third degree diplomas and 2 Honorable Mentions. The recipients included students in Mathematics and Mechanics, Natural Sciences, Physics, and Information Technology Departments.

NSU Dean Igor Marchuk praised the results,

The success of the NSU students, including of course the Mathematics and Mechanics Department students, at the international mathematical Olympiads is the result of hard work and a real occasion for pride. I sincerely congratulate the participants on the excellent results!

The Putnam Olympiad attracted more NSU students this year.  Morozov talked about this,

 I am glad that we have a growing number of participants and diplomas. Last year 13 NSU students took part in the competitions and received 1 first, 5 second and 4 third degree diplomas. In 2018, 20 people participated.  This year the competition reduced the number of diplomas so, for example, instead of 30 first-degree diplomas, they awarded only 16.  So, that demonstrates there has been significant progress by NSU students achieving 16 prize diplomas.