Novosibirsk Scientists Awarded for Most Cited Russian Publication

Elsevier, the largest scientific publishing house, established an award for the most quoted and published scientists in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Russia. The winners are identified using the Scopus scientific publication database.

The prize for the most cited publication was awarded to Vladimir Reznikov, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Dean of the NSU Department of Natural Sciences, and Vladimir Ovcharenko ,Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientist at the Institute “International Tomography Center” SB RAS.

Reznikov talked about the award,

The selection critera is the highest number of citations for one article in the last three years. The competition was limited to articles with no more than three authors, regardless of the type of publication. Our award winning work was a monograph (Volodarsky L.B., Reznikov V.A., Ovcharenko V.I., “Synthetic Chemistry of Stable Nitroxides”, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fla., 1994). It is more than 20 years old and yet continues to be frequently cited. This means the topic is relevant today and that it is probably well written.

The monograph is devoted to the study of the synthetic aspects of the chemistry of nitroxyl radicals. The book analyzes the synthetic possibilities, advantages and limitations of various classes of nitroxyl radicals, and their applicability to solving problems in related scientific fields such as biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, coordination chemistry, including the creation of organic molecular magnets.