Medical Scientific and Educational Center Opens at NSU

On November 7, the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (MSES) of NSU’s Institute of Medicine and Psychology will officially open. It is one of the first Medical Centers in Russia established within the structure of a classical university. The Center is located at Lyapunov 6.

MSES will provide additional research and educational opportunities for students and staff at the Institute of Medicine and Psychology. In addition, it will provide important access to quality medical care based on advanced research and technology.

The Center will be a base for research activities within the SAU "Neurosciences in Translational Medicine", as well as a training workshop for students at the Institute of Medicine and Psychology. In the near future, the Center will begin a comprehensive study to develop technologies for non-invasive transcranial modulation of cognitive and affective functions. The study will also look at neuroimaging online and offline effects of stimulation with the help of a multichannel EEG and MRIs.  This research will be conducted jointly with the Scientific Research Institute of Physiology and Fundamental Medicine SB RAMS.

In addition, the MSES staff will provide consulting and diagnostic services on a fee basis. Students and University teaching staff teachers will get a 10% discount. The University will cover the cost of medical care for students without parents. The Center will also conduct analysis that can provide a voucher for the NSU sanitorium and pool.

The range of high level ophthalmological and diagnostic patient services provided by the Center will be expanded in the near future. These will include chromatography-mass spectrometry (high-performance screening for a variety of diseases, including genetic, that allows therapeutic drug monitoring) and services using telemedicine technologies together with specialists from the University of Southern California, a leading American University Clinic.