German Archaeologist Hermann Parzinger Becomes 19th NSU Honorary Doctor

Professor Hermann Parzinger, prominent German archeologist responsible for numerous international archeological discoveries, was awarded an honorary doctorate fr om Novosibirsk State University. The Honorary Doctor title is the highest NSU award. Hermann Parzinger became the 19th scientist to receive it.

Mikhail Fedoruk, NSU Rector, talked about the award and its recipient,

Hermann Parzinger’s contribution to the development of modern archeology is difficult to overestimate. This is especially true given the importance of this science and the many valuable locations that still need to be researched by both experienced and young scientists. Archeology is a priority for NSU, it is a major part of our University brand. We are pleased that the Honorary Doctor Hermann Parzinger will also take part in the development of this field at Novosibirsk State University.

Vyacheslav Molodin, Deputy Academician-Secretary at the Historical and Philological Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has been researching Siberia with Partzinger for over 20 years. He presented his colleague with the honorary Academician badge from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Molodin talked about their shared work,

The Russian Academy of Sciences owes much to its German colleagues since its inception, and Hermann Parzinger undoubtedly occupies an honorable place in their ranks. We conducted substantial research together in the south and west of Siberia, and in Mongolia. All of our expeditions yielded good results, which now helps to restore historical reality.

The ceremony was attended by Anatoly Derevyanko, Scientific Director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography (IAE) SB RAS, Academician RAS, Vyacheslav Molodin Deputy Director of IAE SB RAS, Mikhail Fedoruk, Rector NSU, Andrei Zuev, Director of NSU Humanities Institute, Peter-Christoph Otto Blomeyer, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Novosibirsk and members of the Novosibirsk Government.

Blomeyer talked about the value of this work,

Cooperation between scientists who are able to generate such positive results provides a solid foundation for interaction between the people of our countries. Today we celebrate a model of friendship and cooperation worthy of imitation. I would like to heartily thank the leadership of NSU for the honor it gives to our friend and colleague, Professor Parzinger, conferring on him the title of Honorary Doctor of NSU.

In his speech after receiving his award, Professor Parzinger confessed that Siberia had always been his dream, and his first trip here changed his fate. He noted that the potential for further research in this region is very high since Siberia is an intercultural zone between the east and west, wh ere ancient tribes migrated. The archeology of the Novosibirsk region is very important for the entire continent.