A Famous Professor from Japan will give a Lecture at NSU

Shigenori Maruyama, Professor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, will give lectures at NSU. He is one of the most widely quoted experts in the field of geology and tectonics research in Japan and other Pacific type of accretionary orogens. 

The lectures, which will be held from September 11 to 13, will focus on global issues related to geology and the history of the Earth as a whole. Professor Maruyama is the author of the famous model of mantle superplumes originating at the core-mantle boundary and of the new concept of "Plum Tectonics" that combined P-wave seismic tomography with petrology and world geology. He initiated the development of a technique for the rapid dating of zircons using mass spectrometers on an inductively coupled plasma with laser ablation.

According to the Web of Science, Professor Maruyama has published more than 370 scientific articles, several monographs, and many popular science articles. Professor Maruyama’s Hirsch Index number is 54, the number of citations to his work is more than 10,000 according to Web of Science, and more than 20,000 according to Google Scholar.

September 11

  •  09:00–10:35 – How important is Geology as a super-interdisciplinary science for mankind survival in the XXI century
  •  10:50–12:25 – Pacific-type Orogeny as a complex process requiring integrated inter-disciplinary research

September 12

  •  09:00–10:35 – Earth System Dynamics: From the core Through the Mantle and Crust to the Atmosphere
  •  10:50–12:25 – World Geology and Brief Outline of Earth History

September 13

  •  14:30–16:05 – Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth

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The lecture will be given in English in auditorium # 2120 in the new NSU building entrance in the first block, 2nd floor. People who work at institutes should bring their institute passes