NSU Joins International Roaming Service “Eduroam”

The world-wide roaming service Eduroam is now available for users of Novosibirsk State University’s WiFi networks. This service is designed for those who are engaged in research activities and work in the field of higher education. Connection is possible from a university account and as a guest.

Since the start of the academic year, Eduroam, the international Wi-Fi roaming service for the scientific and educational community has been available for students, teachers, and guests of Novosibirsk State University. Eduroam allows students and scientists from all over the world to receive safe and wireless Internet access from their laptop or mobile device via Wi-Fi on the campus of any university participating in the project.

According to Gennady Bezmaternykh, Head of the NSU IT User Support Department, NSU is the first organization in Novosibirsk to join the Eduroam network. He continued,

The University technical support team received a lot of requests from Professors who visit different countries, as well as from their foreign colleagues, who wanted to connect to the international network using their username and password. Now they will be able to get not only access to our Wi-Fi network, but to all relevant information resources.

Eduroam has more than 10,000 access points in universities, research centers, institutes, schools, colleges, and other research and educational institutions in more than 100 regions around the world. With the development of Eduroam, new access points are appearing in libraries and museums, even train stations, airports, and cafes.

Any NSU student or employee can connect to a wireless network by specifying the login and password from their university account in the authorization form. More information and instructions can be found here. Thanks to global agreements, Eduroam's Wi-Fi roaming services are free for users.

Students, employees, and researchers who go to a foreign university can use their university account to connect to Wi-Fi and get fast, convenient, and secure Internet access. Eduroam service is also available for users who are on the NSU campus. To use the guest network, you need to log in using your mobile phone.