NSU Interweek 2018

Interweek is a unique NSU festival that generates an atmosphere of freedom, creativity, and interethnic communication. This informal environment inspires a range of new projects as participants and guests make new friends, discover new interests, gain new knowledge and have new ideas. Interweek is a harmonious celebration that features both educational and entertainment activities.


According to estimates, approx. 10,000 people participated in the 7 days of activities at the 52nd Interweek.   A distinctive feature this year is that every activity promoted interethnic interaction. One of the most important events was the official opening of the Italian Center. Aldo Spallone, the Italian Embassy attaché in Moscow, came for the ceremony.


Olga Kuznetsova, Director of the Italian Center, explained that the opening was preceded by many years of work by an initiative group of graduates and teachers of NSU,

We held our first Italian week in 2008 and it became an annual event. We invited professors fr om leading Italian universities who conducted lectures for not only NSU students, but also open to everyone. The University became a place wh ere people who were interested in the Italian language met so the opening of the Italian Center just formalizes activities that have been taking place for years. The Italian Center started its operations in October 2017. We waited to hold the official ceremony so all our friends could come and we could celebrate the opening of our Center together. Interweek provided the perfect opportunity! 

In addition to traditional activities, many new events were added including the "Dances of the World" marathon that introduced participants to dances from different countries, "EthnoParty" that featured national songs, and a variety of quizzes and national games. For the first time in the history, Interweek, celebrated Birdhouse Building Day. Foreign students and "Volunteers of NSU" built and hung 10 homemade birdhouses decorated with symbols from different countries.


Anita Golubeva, Interweek organizer and Director of the NSU Center for Extra-Curricular Activities said,

This was the first year we were able to attract foreign students at NSU to help organize and participate in events. This made it truly unique! Overall, students from 35 countries took part in Interweek. The most active students were from Iraq, France, Italy, China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

This year the beloved "International Arbat" took place on campus. Here, visitors had an opportunity to learn about other cultures, take part in master classes and taste national dishes.

The final Interweek tradition is the Mayevka rock music concert and bonfire that closes the festival. NSU Rector Mikhail Fedoruk greeted concert goers this year,

We celebrate Mayevka for the 52nd time today. It began at Novosibirsk State University in the 1960’s. Generations of students, leaders, and teachers have come and gone, and yet the Mayevka tradition is still alive. I congratulate you on this holiday for peace, youth and work! Long live May Day, long live NSU!

Many NSU student organizations took part in the preparation and implementation of the festival including “Volunteers of NSU”, NSU student volunteer squads, the “ENOT” student sports club, the German Youth Club “Siberian Bear”, the Classical Music Club and the NSU Music Club.