NSU Cheerleading Team Tryouts Begin

NSU now has a cheerleading team, Flame NSU. The team will represent the University at city and regional sports competitions. Cheerleaders will also participate in their own professional performances and competitions.

For almost four years, NSU has had a support team for University athletes in various events, the Ligers team. Now its participants decided to take their activities to a new level.

Irina Merkulova, 2nd year student in the Physics Department who is the team’s trainer and is a candidate for the master of sports in cheerleading reported, "Flame will perform in two disciplines. The first is Cheer Dance Freestyle that is a dance program with elements of gymnastics and acrobatics and the second is  Cheer Dance Show which is a creative dance number. In September, we will conduct an open training, where anyone can come and practice with us. I started without a dance base and stretching, my results were achieved thanks to perseverance and love for this sport. At the end of the month there will be tryouts for the team."

Since 2015, NSU students have defended the honor of the region at the Championships of Russian Cheerleading Championships three times. In 2017, two NSU students on the Novosibirsk Oblast team, received silver medals at the Russian National Cheerleading Championships.

"Cheerleading is a new sport! Fr om American movies we only knew that there are beautiful sports girls with pompoms and hot dancing and sometimes they are thrown into the air without it being clear wh ere the acrobatic guys came from. And all this is true. However, cheerleading is a sport of high achievements! All the disciplines in this sport are team based, therefore, everyone makes new friends and becomes more responsible, because any team sport requires self-discipline and understanding that ‘you are accountable to the end’," says Ekaterina Panferova, President of the Cheerleading Federation. 

Do you want to excite the audience with joyful emotions? Information about training and tryouts can be found in the group