More than 7 thousand people will write «Total dictation» on different sites of Novosibirsk

Supersite for a thousand people, a robot-dictator and the old courses about essential topics. Organizers of the «Total dictation» at a meeting in the TASS press center told what Novosibirsk citizens should wait fr om the annual literacy test.

Last week it became known that the text of the «Total dictation» was written by the famous writer, winner of two literary awards in 2016, Leonid Yuzefovich. It is interesting that the organizers of the project suggested the writer become the author of the dictation even in the summer, long before the results of the «Big Book» and the «National Bestseller» awards. The text of the «Total dictation» is called «The City and the River». It is dedicated to the three native cities of the author: Perm, Ulan-Ude, and St. Petersburg.

Every year it seems to me that the text of the «Total dictation» is not complicated. And every year the dictation has some surprises. Of course, it will contain words with a particle or prefix «no, » and there you will need to determine whether to write a word together or separately. As always, there will be words with one or two «n». All these are traditional rules, and there are no special «cases» in this dictation

Natalia Koshkaryova
Natalia Koshkaryova
Doctor of Philology, Professor, Chairman of the Expert Council of Total dictation

She recalled that the project «Total dictation» is primarily aimed at raising the level of literacy. To prepare for the dictation in Novosibirsk, you can attend the courses «Russian on Fridays» which are also available in many other cities. This year, «Russian on Fridays» courses have already been attended by 420 people. The classes are held in NSU, NSTU, NSPU and RANEPA. Also, you can find online courses on the website of «Total dictation».

— The program is aimed at those rules that will definitely be in the dictation. People often ask: do I need to write the total dictation, if I'm sure that I get a bad mark? The answer is one: the one who does not write makes a mistake. The «Total dictation»can be written anonymously. No one will know what grade you got - the results will be available only to participants on a website. To tell or not to tell about the successes - it is a private matter.

— We know the best students of «Total dictation», who several years ago started with low ratings. Now they regularly show a high result, — says Natalia Borisovna.

According to the head of the «Total dictation» in Novosibirsk, Ekaterina Kuznetsova, this year about 7 thousand people can take part in the action. This is 2 thousand more than in the previous year. Today 52 sites have confirmed their participation in the project (in the spring of 2016 there were 42 of them). She also said that in Novosibirsk this year would be the supersite of the «Total dictation» - the Arnold Katz State Concert Hall. About one thousand people will be able to write a dictation there.

— Surprises associated with this site are just beginning. A specially invited «star», most likely from the capital, is going to dictate there. The name of the dictator will be announced later. We are talking with several people now, — says Ekaterina Kuznetsova.

A special playground for people with disabilities will be organized at the «Pobeda» Cinema. Also, the dictation will be held in schools, libraries, a planetarium, a narcological dispensary.

The Olympic champions, actors, singers, musicians, TV presenters will dictate on sites of Novosibirsk.

— At one of the sites the text will be dictated by a robot, - says Ekaterina Kuznetsova. According to her, the robot takes part in exhibitions, talks, and jokes. It will be known later, wh ere the unusual speaker is going to work.

Traditionally, the author of the Total dictation, Leonid Yuzefovich, will read his text at the Novosibirsk State University, in the homeland of the project.


«Total dictation» is an annual educational action in the form of a voluntary dictation for everyone. The purpose of the action is to show that being literate is important for every person; Convince that it is not easy to learn Russian, but it is fascinating and useful; Unite all those who can or want to write and speak in Russian.

The first «Total dictation» was held in 2004 as an action of students of the Faculty of Humanities at Novosibirsk State University. The first «dictators» - from 2004 to 2008 - were NSU teachers.

For 13 years of existence, «Total dictation» has turned into a large-scale world event. In 2016, the action was held in 732 cities, covering 68 countries, with more than 145,000 participants. «Total dictation» is a public project that is implemented by activists and volunteers. The organizer of the action is the fund «Total dictation» (Novosibirsk). Еvery year, especially for the action, a well-known writer writes the text of the «Total dictation». Anyone can participate in

«Total dictation», regardless of age, sex, education, religion, profession, marital status, interests and political views.