Miss NSU -2017 is Crowned

The Miss NSU – 2017 finals were held on December 15 at the Youth Palace. 10 women competed for the title of smartest and most beautiful. The crown went to Polina Zakharova, a student at the NSU Humanities Institute.


The battle for the crown was intense. The 10 women who demonstrated their talent on stage were chosen from more than 100 who entered the competition. Miss NSU finalists spent two months balancing their studies with regular rehearsals.

Finalist Anastasia Zinnatova talked about the rehearsal period:

We had rehearsals three times a week for the dance, fitness dance and runway show portions of the competition. Early Sunday mornings we rehearsed our personal introductions. It was difficult to combine our usual activities with competition rehearsals. We had to sacrifice something. It was also necessary not to forget our studies as clouds of «tests» and «early examinations» hung over our heads.

These efforts were not in vain. The audience was entertained by exciting and memorable performances. The jury noted that every year the competition becomes more and more spectacular as demonstrated by the finalists who this year danced, sang, played musical instruments, read poetry in Chinese and painted with sand.

Mikhail Fedoruk, NSU Rector and member of the jury, commented on the event:

It's great there is such a competition at the University. On the eve of the exam period, it improved the student’s mood so they can successfully pass their tests. Students at our University once again proved that they are not only the smartest, but also the most beautiful. If university rankings included the intelligence, beauty, charm and talent of the women at NSU, the University would probably already be in the «TOP-10» world ratings.

Traditionally, the Club «Quant» Miss NSU contest organizers and jury pay as much attention to the contestant’s sense of humor as they do to their beauty, talent and intelligence. A student in the Department of Fundamental and Applied Linguistics, Polina Zakharova’s joke about the «binary cat» and the crown that she needs to become a little taller slayed the audience and the jury.

Miss NSU – 2017 Polina Zakharova shared her emotions:

I am not used to the title Miss NSU. I always associated it with statuesque, tall beauty so I did not expect to win at all. The day before the contest, I was very nervous and did not feel ready to perform but everything turned out for the best. What helped me win? I started the morning in a good mood, determined to show all the excitement and fun I had to give that evening and perform to the max. I felt good about all of my performances. I just wanted the audience to feel the way I felt and I am certain it was this inner spirit that helped me win and, of course, the friends who came to support me.

Economics Department student Ekaterina Petrova was awarded the title 1st Vice Miss by the jury as well as receiving the audience favorite prize.

This year an IPhone 10 was the main prize for the winner.

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