“It Was the Month of May” Celebration in Honor of Victory Day

It was the first time this format was used and the street location attracted more than 500 people including residents and guests of Akademgorodok and Novosibirsk, as well as NSU students. People were invited to become engaged with the interactive stands dedicated to a variety of topics that were prepared by the NSU Center for Extracurricular Activities and Educational Work (CEAEW) together with the “Integral” Museum in Akademgorodok and the “Living History” museum.

Visitors of all ages listened to lectures on field medicine, took pictures with an old camera, studied military letters, weapons, and captured equipment, tried food served at the front, observed a recruiting station, and danced a waltz. Special attractions included a concert of songs fr om the front performed by the NSU vocal group “Million Voices” and the “Semenov Day” ethno-club, a retro fashion show, and a tent where war films were shown.

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Anita Golubeva, CEAEW Director described the event,

This is a unique event for the University. Of course, there used to be traditional folk song concerts, but we didn’t have such an expansive presentation with rare military artifacts and a variety of interactive features. This format allows you to immerse yourself in an era and feel part of history.

The main goal of the event is to unite people of different ages as a reminder of the Soviet soldiers achievement. According to the organizers, this unusual event format was chosen as a trial for next year that will be a jubilee year. 2020, the Great Victory will be 75 years old, and NSU is already planning the first steps of a large celebration.

Yulia Lavrinova, a first year MSA student at the Humanities Institute and participant in the retro fashion show talked about the experience,

I enjoyed participating! I saw an announcement in social networks and a set of models in the retro fashion show, contacted the organizers, and almost immediately found myself at a fitting wh ere I was given a complete outfit with a dress, hat, shoes, and even a fox wrap. We had a rehearsal and a little later, the show. I think it is very important not only to read about this era, but also to see the fashion, equipment, and lifestyle of the people. I especially liked everything happening in the fresh air so you were really immersed in the “field conditions” and you could walk from site to site as much as you wanted.

The next day, everyone was invited to join the solemn procession in honor of the Great Victory. The path for University participants ended at the new NSU building viewing platform.

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