Graffiti on the Domestication of Foxes Decorates the Wall of an NSU Dormitory

In Akademgorodok, the street art festival "Science Graffiti" was launched. Artists invited NSU students to volunteer and help create graffiti dedicated to scientific achievements.

Currently, a wall is being painted at the entrance to the NSU dormitory located at Piragova Street #8. Street art artist Natalia Pastukhova from Yekaterinburg is working on graffiti about the domestication of foxes. In total, three wall paintings will appear on the NSU campus. In addition to domestication of foxes, the topics "Bioengineering" and "Denisovsky man" will be presented in graffiti.

Zosya Leutina, one of the Festival organizers, described the, "The ‘Science Graffiti Festival’ is an attempt to connect the culture of street art and wall murals to scientific discovery themes that are traditional in Akdemgorodok. Nine subjects were selected that were either related to discoveries made in Novosibirsk, or being actively developed in the world. Among the graffiti subjects that will appear in the Akademgorodok are Carbon nanotubes, graphene, Accelerators in colliding beams, and Fiber lasers".

The graffiti subjects that will be realized during the Festival in Akademgorodok were chosen on a competitive basis. 40 works were submitted, the best will decorate the walls of the NSU dormitories and other buildings.

"To create all these paintings (about 1000 m2), artists need volunteers. This is a generally accepted practice in world street art processes. Drawing skills are not required. Sometimes all that is needed is to paint the surface to prepare the wall. Without the help of volunteers, the Festival could not be successful. And it is also interesting for volunteers to work on a painting for more than four hours. A free lunch is provided", said Leutina.