German hip-hop group held language seminars in NSU

More than 80 students and teachers from different schools and universities in Novosibirsk participated in seminars teaching the German language that were conducted by the well-known hip-hop group Einshoch6. The seminar took place at NSU on September 8. Five years ago, the rappers started a joint project with Deutsche Welle, a television and radio company that recommends learning German with music. Musicians shoot clips that can then be used in lessons at schools and universities.

For us it was a challenge to create an album so that it was not obvious whether it was made for learning German or just for listening. The texts are created working together with teachers. They tell us what subjects would be relevant, – said the lead singer Einshoch6 Kurt Akhats.

During the visit to NSU representatives of Deutsche Welle and Einshoch6 held interactive seminars for students and teachers. Among the exercises was a team game that asked participants to demonstrate a lyrical line from the group's song. In this case it was poetry by Goethe performed in a hip-hop rhythm.

Everyone knows what a huge role music can play in classes. Language is learned much quicker when you connect music as a resource. Einshoch6 is a very interesting group, they combine hip-hop work with a symphony orchestra. If we talk about the compositions discussed at the seminars, the text was written by Goethe and adapted to the rhythm of hip-hop. It's about a wretched lover in the spirit of Werther. The musicians showed the seminar participants what can be done with this song in a German lesson. For example, show a pantomime to demonstrate the main motive etc. It is really inspiring for language students,  – explained the Director of the NSU German Center, Ekaterina Libert.

Learn the language from Einshoch6 seminars and then follow-up independently because all the group materials are on the Internet. The videos are accompanied by exercises, vocabulary, grammar, and listening. 


The project has a lot of feedback, even from Africa and Indonesia. Lessons with music and contemporary performers grab much more attention than ordinary textbooks,–  said Shirin Kasriain, Head of training projects at the Deutsche Welle television and radio company. The organizers of the seminars at NSU are theDepartment of Romance and Germanic Philology and the NSU German Language Center in cooperation with the General Consulate of Germany and the German Exchange Service (DAAD).