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NSU Cryptography Summer School Ends

Novosibirsk State University conducted the "Cryptography and Information Security" Summer School from July 1 to July 19. Students from five Russian universities attended this annual school. 

“It Was the Month of May” Celebration in Honor of Victory Day

On May 8, the evening before Victory Day, NSU hosted the “It Was the Month of May” celebration dedicated to the history of the Great Patriotic War and the pre-war era. The interactive celebration platforms were located in front of University’s old main building.

NSU SESC Pupils Win Medals in Physics and Mathematics at International Olympiad

The 14th International Zhautykov Olympiad for school children in mathematics, physics and computer science was recently conducted in Almaty Kazakhstan.  Students at the NSU Special Educational Scientific Center returned from the Olympiad with three medals.

NSU Celebrates "Confucius Institute" 10th Anniversary

On July 1, NSU celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Class and “Confucius Institute” partnership project.  

NSU Student Wins “Hot Heart 2019”

A solemn ceremony honoring the winners of the All-Russian Public-State “Hot Heart-2019” Initiative was held at the Great Patriotic War Museum located in Moscow at Poklonnaya Gora.

NSU Foreign Students Discuss Classes, Exams and Educational Systems

New Year's holidays are traditionally a difficult time for students. After all, course quizzes are over, and ahead – final exams and preparing for those takes time. In response to those who believe that studying is a continuous series of obstacles, NSU students from different parts of the world talk about how to overcome the fear of exams, how to pass the semester «perfectly» and why studying at a university is not the most difficult thing.

NSU Launches International Siberian Field Archeological School in Kazakhstan

The Siberian Archeological Field School (SFAS) is an innovative educational and methodological center that was launched in 2006 by the NSU Humanities Archeology Section at the Department of Archeology and Ethnography

NSU Hosts XLV Siberian Geological Olympiad for Schoolchildren

The Geological Olympiad consists of distance and on-site competitions. The XLV Siberian Geological Olympiad on-site competition at NSU attracted 130 schoolchildren on 22 teams from many towns in Russia and Kazakhstan, including Alma-Ata and Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Miss NSU -2017 is Crowned

The Miss NSU – 2017 finals were held on December 15 at the Youth Palace. 10 women competed for the title of smartest and most beautiful. The crown went to Polina Zakharova, a student at the NSU Humanities Institute.

NSU Hosts Student Conference "Russia Through the Eyes of Foreigners"

At the end of April, a conference was held to discuss challenges and impressions of Russia by foreign students.

NSU Interweek 2018

Adhering to a tradition that began in the 1990s, Interweek took place in Akademgorodok during the last days of April.  

NSU Students Win Cryptography International Olympiad NSUCRYPTO

NSU students were prize winners and finalists in the international student's Olympiad in cryptography NSUCRYPTO, which was held by the Novosibirsk State University in cooperation with the University of Leuven (Belgium).

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