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Traditional NSU Mayevka Bonfire Returns

"Interweek", NSU’s annual international student youth forum, is taking place April 21-30. The final event on April 30 is the “Maevka" rock concert that will end with the three-meter bonfire.

Medicine and Psychology at NSU: An interview with Andrey Pokrovsky

A new "Pharmacy" specialization, continuing teaching medical sciences to foreign students, engaging students and scientists in research in specialized laboratories of the new ZIMP building – Head of ZIMP NSU Andrey Pokrovsky talked about strategic plans with the correspondent.

NSU Celebrates Chinese Spring Festival

Teachers of the NSU Confucius Institute prepared lectures for visitors on the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival traditions, conducted discussion on the Olympics, and presented artistic performances together with the students.

NSU Students from Zimbabwe and Albania Present New Year Traditions

Beer made from corn, bourekas with a coin, throwing of a pomegranate – talking about a lot of interesting New Year traditions and dishes.

The New NSU Campus: What It Would Be Like?

Briefly about the project of the new campus, buildings and strategic plans of the university.

V. Zelman Institute for Medicine and Psychology Supports Bone Marrow Donor Movement

By the agreement between the NSU’s V. Zelman Institute for Medicine and Psychology (ZIMP) and the Siberian Register of Bone Marrow Donors, any resident in the Novosibirsk Region can donate biomaterial and become a potential bone marrow donor.

EthnoPARTY Wins All-Russian "Your Path" Competition

Konstantin Lomov, project leader, was awarded 1,000,000 rubles.

Interweek 2022: Festival Traditions and New Events

For the first time in two years, the international student festival «Interweek» was conducted in its full seven day format.

On obligatory medical check-up, fingerprinting and photography

Instruction on medical examination, fingerprinting and photography in English is attached.

NSU Physics Department Graduate Winner of L’Oréal «For Women in Science»

The Competition is for women in science who are under the age of 35 and working in Russian scientific institutes and universities in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, or biology. Winners receive a 500,000 rubles scholarship.

NSU Student Participated in Russian Association of Foreign Students Forum

Abdulrahman Al-Mohammed from Iraq came to Moscow as a representative of Novosibirsk branch of the Association to develop his leadership potential and strengthen educational, scientific, and cultural cooperation between NSU and other Russian higher educational institutions.

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