Novosibirsk has entered the top 100 best student cities in the world

A new rating of the agency QS Best Student Cities 2017 was published, in which the compilers ranked the top 100 student cities in the world. Novosibirsk is on the list at the 93rd position.

The cities were rated by such criteria as the positions of local universities in international rankings; The number of students studying in the city; living conditions; Economic accessibility of training; Number of foreign students; The demand for university graduates from employers, and also for the first time this year the opinion of students was taken into account. Compilers interviewed more than 18 thousand students.

— Novosibirsk is the unofficial capital of Siberia and the scientific center of Russia. This is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, which is the cultural and economic center of Siberia, as well as a major transport hub. In Novosibirsk, you can get a quality education in English with a relatively low cost of living and tuition fees. On the accessibility of education, Novosibirsk is among the top 20 best student cities in the world — that's the way the compilers of the rating characterize Novosibirsk.

Compilers also note that «Novosibirsk has one of the most prestigious universities in Russia — the Novosibirsk State University, which is located in the world-famous research center — the Novosibirsk Academgorodok».

— The atmosphere there is unique and amazing. Probably, this is all because there are a large number of scientific institutes and a university in the Academgorodok and, of course, the people themselves, quotes the agency one of interviewed student.

The QS experts have analyzed 125 cities in the world. In addition to Novosibirsk, only Moscow (39th), St. Petersburg (78th) and Tomsk (91st) are in the top 100 of Russian cities. On the first place of the rating is Montreal (Canada), on the second - Paris, on the third line - London.