Why NSU? Foreign Students Feedback. Mohamed Islam Saber Ead, Egypt

— Why did you choose NSU?

I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in Egypt and decided to defend my Ph.D. thesis in Russia because I managed to get a grant and a scholarship fr om the Ministry of Higher Education. The competition was very high, more than 10 people per place. NSU is known as one of the best universities in Russia, and it is highly ranked in world rankings. 

— Why did you choose to study in this specialty? 

I decided to study molecular biology at NSU because it is the basis for new discoveries: biotechnology, nanotechnology, bioinformatics. 

— What are the pros and cons of studying at NSU? 

The pluses include a good scholarship for graduate students in the field of practical sciences, the opportunity to communicate with foreign students and good living conditions. The dormitory does not cost much and  is very clean and safe. Of the minuses, I can single out the impossibility of official employment for foreigners that means there is no opportunity to earn extra money. In addition, our publications about scientific work and achievements during the period of study in Russia are not available abroad. There is also a lack of social and sporting events in which foreigners can take part. 

— What did you find most difficult when adapting to Russia? 

The culture, mentality, and traditions of my country are very different. Despite this, it was very interesting for me to get acquainted with Russian culture. To be honest, the most difficult test was the climate, but gradually I got used to it. 

— What helped you adapt? Any NSU Programs?  

During the period of adaptation in Russia, the residents of Akademgorodok helped me a lot. They are all very kind and helpful people and helped me overcome difficulties. I am also very grateful to my colleagues at the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the SB RAS who provided me with everything I needed to continue my studies and work. 

— What events organized by the University did you take part in? 

Once I participated in the Interweek wh ere I made a presentation about the ancient Egyptian civilization and the traditions of my country. I am also Vice President of the International Students Association for General Affairs. 

— What is your impression of Russian students? How are they different from students in your country? 

It seems to me that Russian students are very active and successful. The main difference is that they are actively looking for work. Students in Egypt can wait for years for a job from the state, depending on their families during their studies and even after it.

— Have you made any friends among NSU students? 

Of course, I made friends with many Russian students, especially with my laboratory colleagues. I want to continue communication and establish a permanent connection between NSU and Egypt with the help of the Russian House in Cairo and the Egyptian-Russian University. I also communicate with students from other countries including India, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, France, and Germany.

— What would you like to do after graduation?

I hope that I will be able to find a job at NSU as a teacher and researcher at one of the SB RAS institutes. 

— What advice would you give to other international students who are considering getting an education in Russia? 

I would advise them to go ahead and choose to study in Russia without hesitation.

Author: Tamara Shchegoleva, NSU Institute for the Humanities 2nd year student