Students from Korea are the first to receive Siberian Summer School certificates

The first NSU short-term educational course in Siberian Archaeology was just completed.  The course was offered as part of the NSU Summer School for foreign students, Siberian Summer School.

24 students from the University of Kyung Hee (Republic of Korea) received certificates for successfully completing the Siberian Archaeology course. It was taught by teachers from the Humanitarian Institute and consisted of two weeks of lectures on the history of Siberia, archeology, and culture of Russia as well as a block of practical classes with field trips to the main Archaeological excavation sites, including the world famous Denisova cave.

“The archeology of Siberia is very interesting and important for Koreans. Our students take part in summer schools at foreign universities every year. We have studied in China, USA, and Taiwan. When I invited the students to go to the Siberian Summer School, they were delighted. We planned to organize an internship for 10 students, but instead a group of more than 20 people went to Novosibirsk," explained Professor Kan Inuk, Dean of the History Department at Kyonghi University.

In addition, the Siberian Summer School offered a short-term course on Future Materials that will continue until the end of July.  Starting in September 2017, Russian and foreign students will be able to continue their study of new materials at the NSU English-language Master's program

“The Siberian Summer School provides a great opportunity to create an international context within the University. This is important for foreign students to get acquainted with our educational programs, as well as the cultural features of the region. But these are also additional opportunities for NSU students who participate in the program and the organization of the school. This year the Siberian Summer School project was launched as a pilot program.  It is already clear what programs we will offer next year and we are currently negotiating with foreign university-partners. For example, one such program is the elementary particle physics school, which we are discussing with the University of Liverpool," said Olga Yakovleva, Head of the Marketing Department at NSU.