Specialized Educational Science Center High School Students Successful at All-Russian Olympiad

The results of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for students are in. 318 Specialized Educational Science Center (SESC) students demonstrated their knowledge in 22 general education subjects at the Olympiad. 35 students were winners and 79 placed in the Olympiad. As a result, 30 students from SESC were invited to the final stage. 

Those going to the finals include Physics - 6, Chemistry - 10; a high percentage from the biology team (6 of 16) and ecology (2 of 8). Also two students were invited for economics, and one each from mathematics, English, history and literature.

The final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad started on March 20. The opening subject for the Olympiad was Astronomy, and the final subject will be Mathematics.

Ivan Takhonov, Deputy Director SESC Academic Affairs talked about the results:

Overall, the SESC students once again performed very well. 2018 is a repeat of our good results from the past when there were 116 winners / placers in the regional stage and 33 participants in the final stage. At that time there were more students at SESC, so the percentage ratio remains at the same level.

The All-Russian Olympiad for students is held during the academic year and consists of four stages or levels: school, municipal, regional and final. Winners and those who place in the final stage receive a diploma. That, together with a certificate of secondary education completion, gives the student the right to admission without examinations to any university in Russia based on the Olympiad subject profile. These students also receive a special prize from the Government of the Russian Federation.