NSU Students Win at 30th International Mathematics Competition (IMC)

July 31 to August 6, Bulgaria hosted the 30th International Mathematical Competition (IMC) for students at higher educational institutions. 400 participants fr om more than 70 universities from around the world competed. The Novosibirsk State University team consisted of Ivan Frolov (Department of Natural Sciences), Jamil Badardinov (Department of Mathematics and Mechanics), Stanislav Yelovatsky (Research Group at Fundamental Mathematics MMD), Andrey Lukyanov, Alexander Tarasenko and Elizaveta Bulgakova (Engineering School MMD). The team won four medals in the individual category: two gold, one silver, and one bronze. The team leaders were Anatoly Ruban, Associate Professor at the Mathematical Analysis Section MMD and MMD PhD student Danila Belousov

Ruban talked about the experience,

The team worked all year. Once a week we had classes wh ere the students mastered the necessary topics and worked on problems fr om various Olympiads. In addition, over the past year, the students participated in several Olympiads, Russian and international, wh ere they received various diplomas. The IMC is deservedly the most prestigious among all student competitions in mathematics, so all year preparations were focused on it. Now that the event is over, in a month or two we begin a new cycle. Someone will try to achieve new and more significant results, someone will defend their diploma and end their participation, but new participants will come with the intention of winning. We wish them all success!

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