NSU Hosts Drone Competition

The Archipelago 2023 project and educational intensive, will be held from July 28 to August 7 in Novosibirsk. It will include more than 100 sports, technological, popular, educational, and military-tactical competitions for controlling and using drones. Novosibirsk State University will serve as one of the venues for the Competition. It is expected that 1,500 people aged 14 to 65 will take part in the Competition of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and about 1000 drones of various types and purposes will take to the skies in 10 days. 

Robert Urazov, Vice-Rector of the National Technological Initiative 2035, described the Competition,

The purpose of the competition is to shape the image of UAS in the future in various fields from sports and education to economic and special applications. Almost three quarters of the competitions are being conducted for the first time and the majority of the participants are students and schoolchildren. As a result, we will create a prototype system of national competitions as specified in the President’s instructions, a base of talented UAS operators will be identified, and a qualification system will be established.