NSU and the French Engineering School EISTI Sign Agreement on Joint Master’s Degree Program in Financial Management

NSU and the Engineering School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics EISTI (Paris) signed an agreement to establish a joint Master’s Degree Program with the NSU Economics Department. Now students will have the opportunity to obtain a double diploma in the fields of «Financial Management» and «Quantitative Finance».

According to NSU Economics Department representatives, the development of the English language «Financial Management» Master's Program is unique for the Department because potential employers will play a key role in determining the list of courses and skills provided to students.

Elena F. Limanova, Deputy Dean NSU Economics Department described the process:

– Of course, each new program is developed in an effort to meet the needs of the labor market, but often the determining factor is the available resources. Here the idea to make improvements was the development focus. It was important for us to discuss with the potential employers and employment experts what skills they need from graduates, and also to analyze the best world practices.

She noted that the Department considers the «Quantitative Finances» partner program as an example of one of the best practices. The success of the Program is demonstrated by the demand for graduates (99% find work within 2 months after graduation), as well as expert opinions on the Program from consultants-practitioners.

Limonova emphasized:

– It was especially important for us that the program with the Engineering School be based on the use of advanced analytical tools, data analysis and mathematics. These principles that determine the quality of education at NSU’s Economics Department. have been maintained and developed at the Department since it was founded. It turned out that the specifics of the Engineering School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics were ideally suited to our concept for education development at Department and for the improvement of the quality and relevance of Program graduates.

Until now, the University had no joint Master's Programs with EISTI. However, Michele Debrenne, Director of the NSU French Center explained that they annually sent up to 10 students to participate in the NSU internship program. Among other things, at the meeting that preceded the signing of the agreement, NSU representatives and EISTI representative Professor Audrey Jama, discussed the possibility of accepting up to 15 students for internships. It is assumed that this would be conducted as a three or four-month programming school that will be a separate element of scientific internships in programming.

EISTI, higher school in France, is part of the «N + 1 Network» that unites more than 70 higher engineering schools in France. The purpose of the «N + 1 Network» is to create highly educated engineering personnel who speak many languages and are able to work on international projects in a multicultural environment. The curricula are designed for 2 years and provides an opportunity to obtain an engineering diploma (Master's level) or a National Master's Diploma.