New Master's Program «Paleobiologic and stratigraphic aspects of paleobotany research» has opened in NSU

Paleontology studies life throughout the history of Earth based on fossil evidence found in sedimentary rocks. It represents the crossroads between geology and biology focusing on studying the fossil record left behind by living organisms from approx. two billion years ago to today. The “Paleobiological and Stratigraphic Aspects of Paleobotany Research” Master’s Program provides scientific collaboration with leading Russian scientists in paleontology, biostratigraphy, paleoichnology, paleoecology, and sedimentology. This Program combines and elucidates both geologic and paleobiologic aspects of the origin of the biosphere, as well as their practical application in prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits. 

The program will familiarize students with modern paleontological and stratigraphic research including micro-paleontology, paleo-technology, and paleoecology. These topics are associated with the study of geological and paleobiological aspects of the Earth’s history and its sedimentary shell, the origin of the biosphere, as well as their relationship with practical applications for mineral prospecting and exploration. The proposed block of disciplines will provide insights on:

·       the use of fossil organisms and traces of their activities (ichnofossils) for bio- and sequential stratigraphy;

·       the conditions of sedimentation, the evolution of the interaction of organisms with sediment in the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Eons of the Earth;

ecosystems of the past (environment – ​​population of organisms) and paleoecological and paleobiogeographic reconstructions using modern methods (biogeochemistry, paleothermometry, isotopy).

The program also focuses on developing independent research activities, broadening scientific horizons, fostering an ability to analyze and summarize information from various geological science fields, developing a multidisciplinary approach to solving fundamental and applied geological problems, and presenting research on an advanced scientific level within the framework of the subjects covered. Ultimately, all of the above is dedicated to training high-level, competitive specialists at Novosibirsk State University while improving the holistic understanding of the geological picture of the World.

The program was designed to attract foreign students to this Master’s Degree Program at the NSU Department of Geology and Geophysics (GGD), to generate an exchange of experiences between domestic and foreign students and specialists, and to create the basis for international scientific cooperation and multinational research teams.

Graduates in this Master’s Program are in demand by the research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and foreign research laboratories and universities, state and private Russian and foreign mining companies, and geological enterprises.

Admissions decisions will take into account information on the applicants previous research activities.