Arrival in Russia 2022

Before arrival in Russia

1. Check out the most important information fr om NSU about migration procedures (click here).
2. Make sure you have successfully taken the first 4 steps from section “Before arrival” and you have valid Russian visa.
3. At least 10 days before you arrival you need to send the following information to International Student Support Center (ISSC) by email
  • Full name (as indicated on your passport). 
  • Date of birth.
  • Sex (male/female).
  • Passport's nationality (citizenship).
  • Passport number.
  • Number of Russian visa.The visa number is the only thing printed in red on the visa stamp. It is typically located in the upper right corner of the visa document.
  • Checkpoint of the Russian border (the first airport in Russia that you arrive to).
  • Date of arrival to Russia.
4. Fill out an application form for providing a room in NSU dormitory (check the file below). 
For foreign citizens and stateless people coming from abroad for staying during the waiting period of COVID-19 PCR test results. Send the filled application form to ISSC by email

5. Within 48 hours before your arrival to Russia, you have to take a PCR-test for COVID-19. Send the result of the test to ISSC by email

Upon arrival in Russia

1. All international students have to take the second PCR-test within 72 hours after arrival in Russia. If you have a stopover in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg or another city in Russia, you may take the test at the airport of this city. You can take the test at Novosibirsk airport as well, it will reduce the waiting period of COVID-19 PCR test results.

2. After getting the result of the second test, send it to ISSC by email and receive the further instructions.

If your test result is not ready by the time of your arrival in Novosibirsk or you do not have an opportunity to take the test at the airport, you can stay in the observation room (a room in dormitory 1A wh ere international students of NSU coming from abroad take a PCR-test and wait for the test result) at NSU dormitory. You can stay in the observation room at the dormitory only after approval by ISSC.