NSU Student Wins international Parabadminton Bronze Medal

The International Parabadminton Competition was held from March 1 to March 6 in Spain. 

209 athletes from 30 countries participated. The Russian team won five bronze medals, one of them was for the pairs competition. NSU`s Department of Natural Sciences Master’s Degree student Anna Pushkarevskaya, together with her partner Vita, took home the pairs bronze medal.  

Pushkarevskaya talked about her experience, 

These were probably the most difficult competitions for me emotionally because of the increase in the euro exchange rate, the airspace closing, and the fact that we could be banned from playing. However, we were lucky and were allowed to perform, however, the use of our emblems, the anthem, and inscriptions with «Russia» were forbidden. This, of course, added to the emotional background to the Competition. Sadly, nothing can be done about it. In spite of all of that, of course, I am very glad that, together with Vita Vimba, we were able to win a bronze medal for Russia. 

Pushkarevskaya joined the Russian national team in 2020 after a successful performance at the national championships and winning two medals, bronze in women's doubles and gold in singles. In 2021, she went to her first international competition in Spain and took third place. So, her 2022 bronze is her second in the international arena. 

Pushkarevskaya added, 

I want to thank my coaches, Ekaterina Sergeevna Zvereva and Yulia Viktorovna Bessmertnaya, NCSM (Novosibirsk Center for Sports Masters) for their significant contribution to financing and organizing my trip. Also, Novosibirsk State University, which paid for the tickets and helped me fly back.