The Shanghai Subject Ranking 2017 certified that NSU has the highest level of research in the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry

The Shanghai Subject Ranking 2017 included NSU among the leaders in Russia for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Novosibirsk State University systematically improves its performance in the Shanghai Subject Ranking. Physics, in particular, rose 100 positions this year to be ranked in the 151-200 category. Among Russian universities, Novosibirsk State University is in second place in Physics behind Moscow State University. In Chemistry, NSU was ranked second in Russia, the best after Moscow State University, and in mathematics NSU was ranked in the top 300 world universities.

NSU Rector Mikhail Fedoruk commented on the success of the University in the Shanghai ranking, “It was quality of the teachers at Novosibirsk State University that lead to the advancement in the scientific disciplines where the competition between the world's leading universities is the highest. This improvement was the result of focused efforts by University teachers to expand their network of international academic contacts and the development of advanced research. With the support of a program to increase international competitiveness, NSU entered into six new international collaborations on cosmology and particle physics, promoted an international educational program for research in the Arctic and participated in the development of an international project of great social significance that is dedicated to the treatment of previously inoperable forms of cancer. The results of the Shanghai Ranking 2017 once again confirm the leading role of NSU in Russia in key scientific areas and its high international reputation."

The subject Shanghai Ranking measures scientific productivity by looking at the number of publications in the most prestigious journals, the number of citations, international cooperation, collaborations between academic and corporate structures, the availability of researchers with a global scientific reputation, and academic awards.

In August of this year, the results of the global Shanghai University Ranking will be announced. Currently, the global rating includes only three Russian universities, NSU, St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University. The Shanghai Ranking is recognized as one of the oldest and most authoritative.

Russian-language version of the Shanghai Subject-Rating 2017