The Quantum Center at the NSU Physics Department Presented two Projects at the NTI «Boiling Point»

The Quantum Center at the NSU Physics Department presented two projects focused on NTI priorities at the National Technology Initiative’s (NTI) «Boiling Point» that took place at Technopark in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk. The projects are aimed at the formation of fundamentally new markets.

The first project, «Atomic Clock and New Sensors», was presented by the Quantum Systems Laboratory at the Quantum Center. It involves preparation for the serial production of a compact platform of high-precision chronometers and a new generation of sensors based on them. The second project, to develop quantum computer components, was presented by the laboratory that works on the physics of the elemental basis of quantum computation and quantum communications at the Quantum Center.

Both projects are aimed at creating fundamentally new and promising markets and establishing conditions for Russian leadership in global technology. The projects were presented at the session devoted to the consideration of projects for the Novosibirsk Region NTI road map. The Regional NTI road map is designed to increase the number of innovative projects in Novosibirsk and integrate them with the Regional Economic Reindustrialization Program. The «Atomic Clock and New Sensors» Project was also presented at the TechNet + EnergyNet working group meeting.

The projects presented by the Quantum Center laboratories are based on a solid intellectual foundation that was established in recent years. So far, the results of our research and development have been published in high-ranking journals, presented in reports at major world conferences, generated prototype devices and know-how, now it's time to realize the knowledge gained in the form of high-demand products.

Sergey Kobtsev
Sergey Kobtsev
«Atomic Clock and New Sensors» Project Manager