Registration Opens for Correspondence Stage of the International Medical Tournament

November 1, registration opened for the Correspondence Stage of the VI International Medical Tournament. The International Medical Tournament is a team competition that invites medical students to  assess complex clinical problems based on real cases. The Tournament consists of two rounds. During the preliminary round  fr om November 1 to February 11, participants are given cases to  assess at home.  The final round takes place in Novosibirsk fr om April 19 to April 22, 2019. The competition also features two divisions: Russian-speaking and English-speaking leagues. Participants choose which language their team will compete in (Russian or English).

To qualify for the Tournament, you need a team of 4-5 medical students in their 4th-6th year of study. The Correspondence Stage homework assignment consists of  assessing two clinical cases selected by experts.  Based on the results of this round, the 12 (13  in a rare exception) best teams from each division will be invited to Novosibirsk to compete in the finals.

The Final Stage of the VI International Medical Tournament will take place April 2019 at Novosibirsk State University.  Every year this event is bringings together more and more young doctors who are interested in increasing their experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

The final round is a real test of strength and ability in clinical thinking, as participants must present  assessments of real clinical cases to a panel of experts and rival teams in the format of presentation, rebuttal, and peer review of  assessments by other teams (small group discussion). The teams make a preliminary diagnosis, identify additional examination procedures for the patient and develop a treatment plan. Teams must convince their colleagues that this is the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment and be prepared to answer any questions from the experts.

The Tournament is a volunteer project implemented by a group of students and graduates from the NSU Institute of Medicine and Psychology with the support of Novosibirsk State University. The idea of creating a unique format for the Medical Tournament came from graduates of the Medical Department at Novosibirsk State University. In the six years of its existence, the Tournament has become truly international in character with students and doctors from Germany, Serbia, Ireland, Poland, Montenegro, and  different regions of Russia participating.  The Tournament annually expands its geographical borders and increases the number of participants and experts from different countries. This is currently the only Medical Tournament with a team competition format to  assess complex cases taken from real doctors clinical practices.

 An expert with a Doctor’s degree evaluates all clinical cases presented.  An objective view of the structure and comprehensive description of the conditions for the cases  helps to avoid discrepancies and disagreements, and raises the case quality to a new level.

The Medical Tournament allows young doctors to go beyond the "book" of clinical thinking and learn to develop a diagnosis from small symptoms, test results and examination methods. They will also practice finding solutions to unusual clinical challenges because in real life each case is unique and requires a special approach.

Today’s doctor is an interdisciplinary specialist. Participation in the Tournament is a unique opportunity to systematize the knowledge gained over years of training, learn to assess a disease in a comprehensive manner, work in a team and make the right decisions. The Tournament is a place wh ere participants discuss all stages of treatment and diagnosis of real patients and wh ere you will make mistakes so you can avoid making them in your actual clinical practice.

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