Patience and TruD : "Total Dictation" for Foreigners

For the third year, "Total Dictation" organized a special program for foreign students. TruD is a test consisting of ten items based on the text that was written this year by Guzel Yakhina. People who study Russian as a foreign language were invited to write any passage by the author. Olga Khotskina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences, and teacher at the NSU Humanities Institute, was the "dictator" for foreign language students this year.   A participant could get 100 points for the test and receive a grade from A to E for the dictation passage. 

Many foreigners participating for the first time found the dictation difficult. Those who participated last year were more confident.

Gulnur Bolat, a first year student in the Journalism Division at the Humanities Institute said,

This is the first time I have taken part in this kind of event. I met many people I know there but the test was very difficult. I still do not know Russian well and even though I have been studying here for a little over a year, my grammar still leaves much to be desired.   I am practicing with friends at the University and I think next time I will be more prepared and write better. Of course, I recommend that all foreigners participate next year. 

This year participants in 6 continents, 45 countries and 130 cities took the TruD test.

On April 18, Total Dictation participants will be able to find their results on the site: Foreigners who want to work on their mistakes, can come to a Russian language consultation April 20 at 18:30, auditorium # 2326.