Optica Journal Article by NSU Physicists One of Most Cited

Sergei Turitsyn and Leonid Frumin, scientists at the NSU Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory and NSU Center for Nonlinear Photonics and Quantum Technologies, with colleagues fr om the University of Aston (Great Britain), Technical University Delft (Netherlands), Ben-Gurion University (Israel), and Nokia Bell Labs (Germany) published an article in the leading international journal of the American Optical Society, "Optica". The article was #2 in a list of the top 15 most cited articles in the journal in 2017.

The article is devoted to the use of mathematical methods developed by Vladimir Zakharov (one of the most famous NSU graduates) and Alexei Shabat in Akademgorodok in 1972, in high-speed optical communication lines. Modern fiber-optic communication systems, which provide for more than 99% of the global data flow and the modern Internet, now face serious problems due to nonlinear effects in optical fiber. Nonlinear effects lim it the capacity of modern fiber-optic communication lines. Compensation for nonlinear signal distortion is important for high-speed information transfer. The classical theory of communication deals with linear channels. The theory of nonlinear communication channels has not been developed and it is a fundamental scientific problem with great practical importance.

The NSU Nonlinear Photonics Laboratory is a world leader in this fast-growing field of science that bridges fiber optic communication line technologies and nonlinear mathematics.