NSU Students in XII International Olympiad “IT-Planet 2018/19” Finals

Artem Fink and Alina Kapustina, second year undergraduate students at the Novosibirsk State University Department of Information Technology passed the qualifying rounds for the XII International Olympiad "IT-Planet 2018/19. They took 11th and 19th places in the “Java Programming” competition. The finals will take place October 4 to 7 at the National University of Science and Technology "MISiS" in Moscow. In addition, Yulia Borzilova and Kirill Vishnev, IT Department graduates made it to the finals in the "Comfortable Environment" category.

The IT-Planet International Olympiad is one of the largest Russian IT events. It was designed to bring educational institutions and business in Russia and the CIS countries closer together to improve the quality of IT education.

Artem Fink talked about their experience in the qualifying rounds,

The first stage of the competition included questions about your knowledge of the java language. There were many unusual questions, but a student fr om NSU should not have any difficulties at this stage. The second stage was much more complicated. It consisted of 10 Olympiad problems with a time limit to solve them. Here knowledge that was not provided by the university was tested here. It required ingenuity, as well as information beyond what we received in our University program. Still, we did it! Now we are waiting for the final stage. We do not know what that will consist of so it is not clear how to prepare. I think the knowledge gained at NSU will be enough to solve any problem.

Students and young graduates from Russia and the CIS countries are competing in the finals. They will compete in 14 categories including Programming, Cloud Computing and Databases, Telecom, Mobile Platforms, Digital Creativity, Free Software, and Robotics. There will also be a special category, Unlimited Opportunities, that is targeted at developing software solutions for people with disabilities.

Participants and guests can attend master classes and open lectures that provide an opportunity to learn about new technologies and increase personal and professional skills. One of the sections will be devoted to robotics and participants will not only assemble robots but, organize competitions between them. During the finals, there will be presentations about IT-Planet Olympiad corporate partner’s academic programs. Company representatives will information about educational products that are free and what discounts are available to educational institutions and students who want to learn new technologies.

An awards ceremony will be held on October 7, wh ere the names of the winners will be announced along with the educational institutions whose students have achieved the most outstanding results at “IT-Planet 2018/19”. Winners will receive diplomas, medals, and valuable prizes from the organizers and partners of the competition.