NSU Rector's Ball-2018

After a two year hiatus the NSU Rector’s Ball was held at the "Crystal Hall" banquet hall. The Ball was to thank and provide encouragement to students who volunteer for activities that benefit the University and academic departments.

The Rector’s Ball tradition began many years ago and was first revived in 2013. Many students love the event because it gives them the rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the past.

As New Year’s Eve and exams approach, the 350 guests entered the world of a 19th century ball. Guests included activists from student associations, honors students, and others who contribute to life at NSU. This traditional end of the year Ball featured classical dances, live music, and costumes in the fashion of past centuries.

 Anita Golubeva. Director Center for Extra-Curricular Activities talked about the event,

The Center for Extra-Curricular Activities organized the Ball. For two months, the students prepared with Olga Fialko, Head of the “Medieval” studio for historical and Irish dance. This year the Ball was in strict accordance with historical practices including live music from a violin quartet. The most important characteristic is that for the first time it was a closed event because it was given as a “thank you” to active students.

In addition to dancing, guests had an opportunity to present themselves at the Ball. The waltz was not the only dance performed. Other dances were unusual for young people in the 21st century such as the countredanse and the quadrille. Each dance was demonstrated to the participants. Some participants practiced complex combinations for two months to prepare for the Ball. 

Anton Niyazov, 2nd year student at the Humanities Institute and Ball participant described the event,

This Ball was exciting not only because it was not open to all NSU students. Every year, the theme and content differs. This year there were a lot of ballroom dances and live music. Everyone prepared in advance because there was a dress code. It was also a chance to see many friends because all the activists were there so we were able to discuss a lot of things.

Mikhail Fedoruk, NSU Rector, presented letters of appreciation to students, graduates and good friends of NSU for their contribution to the development of the University. He noted that if everyone thinks of the University as the best place for themselves, then it will be the best place for everyone.